Neu Direction

About the Growers

The grapes for Neu Direction are from Viña de la Solidaridad (Vine of Solidarity), an association of ten small vineyard owners and nine contratistas formed in 2005 to elevate the lives of the contratistas and provide a better future for their families and communities.

The association currently owns 200 acres of vineyards with about a third certified organic, with plans to convert more over the coming years. Each contratista enjoys the freedom of association, safe working conditions, livable wages, and participates in the joint body management committee which oversees community projects.

The contratistas are a workforce that emigrated from Italy, mostly from the Tuscan region, well over 100 years ago. They brought with them the knowledge and skill of grape growing and winemaking. Today, the contratistas numbers are on the decline with estimates of around 4,000 down from 12,000 in less than 10 years.

The contratistas live on the land with their families and are paid a percentage of the grape harvest by the vineyard owners. As a result, both the landowner and the contratista have tied their success and failure together by sharing the same risks. Both are affected by the market and output production of the vineyard.


Neu Direction Grower working vineyard
School saying thanks to the Fair Trade sales of Ne
Flower at the vineyard of Neu Direction